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Leslie Whiting’s Radio Interviews:

– When is a good time to start my plan?
– Long Term Care Insurance-Necessity or Luxury?
– Common Misconceptions of Long-Term Care Insurance
– Advances in Long-Term Care Insurance

For greater than 20 years Leslie Whiting has been dedicated to serving individuals and groups on proper planning for long term care. She started her career with GE Financial and within the first 2 years became a District Manager and trainer for new agents. Due to her dedication and experience she also became a leading producer helping many families throughout the State of California. Currently she offers Annuities, Life Insurance and Hybrid Life Insurance/Long Term Care products in all 50 states.

Traditional Long Term Care Insurance has been getting a run for its money….In the old days, these plans were very affordable, offered Lifetime benefits and had good rate stability. Then the industry changed. Insurance companies overestimated lapse ratios, struggled with a long low interest rate environment while more people were living longer and needing care. The industry has self corrected but now more attractive plans exist:

Hybrid plans offer permanent rates, death benefits and in some cases Lifetime coverage.

LTC coverage may be paid for using qualified funds such as your IRA.

Existing Life Insurance or Annuities can be exchanged through a 1035 exchange to save thousands of dollars on taxes and can convert to plans with Long Term Care coverage. Some plans even limit the exposure to families who have a loved one already needing care!

Don’t hesitate to ask me about any of these solutions. I pride myself on staying on top of the market to always know the best product offerings. And you will not see any recommendations from me unless a provider is experienced and highly rated financially.

While Long Term Care Insurance is generally the most thorough and efficient way to prepare for the care and financial impact to ourselves and family, insurance may not be affordable or available to everyone. Having the right professional contacts can be extremely helpful. Leslie can guide you on other essential alternatives such as care coordination if one prefers to stay at home and remain independent. This is what Long Term Care Options is about.

Residing in Sonoma County California, Leslie spends much of her time in Marin, Napa, Solano, San Francisco, Sonoma, and Alameda Counties. Since 1997, Leslie has helped thousands of people all over the state. Offering an independent broker perspective as well as the California Partnership for Long Term Care, Leslie offers plans focusing on flexibility for top notch home care and facility settings from established, top rated carriers. With the many uncertainties in today’s market, it is vital to have an affordable, realistic plan from a experienced company. In the end Leslie will help you know that you have the best plan on the market for your needs.

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