Ways E-commerce Companies should use Social Media for Marketing

Are you an e-commerce business owner?

You might have tried some expensive and inexpensive marketing strategies to drive buyers to your site.

But if you are overlooking the social media,

You are at great mistake.

Today, social media is considered as the biggest platform to interact with the audience and get noticed among the people.

What are marketers saying?


“Every business whether it’s big or small needs to be on social media.”

Because social media is exploding, we see Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the LinkedIn everywhere

Want to know the marketing strategies to help you grow your business or sales in particular?

Below are the ways you can use your social media to market your e-commerce business.

  • Your Content Must Be Engaging

Generally, e-commerce websites contain weak content that makes it difficult for them to rank in a good position on search engine result pages.

Although here, on social media you can burn down this weakness and can use social media content as your strength.

Your social profile is your storefront. Today customers are using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to research companies and products so make sure to make a long-lasting impression.

We totally understand that you are an e-commerce business owner, but you don’t need always to use corporate language on social media.

It’s good, to be frank, and funny sometimes.
Here are some excellent, time-tested, proven social media engagement tactics:

  • Follow active people relevant to your business
  • Take time to comment, like and pulse


  • Share your activities and work pictures with friends and followers
  • Try to post spontaneously fantastic content
  • Ask questions and set up polls for your followers

Visual content proves to be the most engaging, almost every second business share images and videos.

I suggest!

Don’t lag behind use Gif and interactive videos to attract customers.

What About The Idea Of Promotional Campaigns

Let’s imagine the worst case scenario regarding social media.

You running a social media account of your e-commerce store; having a significant number of followers, with enough knowledge of generating engaging content

Then what worst?

Your friends and the followers do not like, comment and share your posts.

Heartbreaking…Isn’t it?

New or small brands on social media are like a needle in a haystack; it is difficult to reach the audience organically; it is time-consuming actually. Here the promotional campaigns work for business owners like you.

It only takes a little amount of money and small efforts to get robust in reaching your audience.

Hold a contest on your social media and announce rewards for the winners; this enables user participation.

Ask the audience to tag, like or share your posts to be a part of the competition.

It will not only increase consumer attention towards brand but will also work as a mouth to mouth marketing for you.

The contest can be carried once or twice a month.

What could be the Incentives?

For example, if you are a fashion store, you may give a free chic top to the winner.

It will allow the customer to try your product for free and may generate a future sale.

  • Integrate Social Media on Your Website

People like the ease in everything.

It’s a sad reality that, whether it’s your new buyer or an old one, nobody would like to pay extra minutes to share your content.

So, what to do?

Just make it convenient for your customers to share your product or the content on social media by embedding a social media sharing button on your website.

Be active on your blog post, and post company announcements there, also the tips and tricks for the customers, product announcements and more.

Also, allow your blog posts to be shared on different social media to build a community of loyal connectors.

For example,
PennySaviour has integrated a social media button on its products and blogs, to drive good traffic to the store.

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