I Spoke with a young Vallejo resident by C. Lynn Carvalho

Spay Neuter imperative Project logoI Spoke with a young Vallejo resident the other day. I asked if his large German Shepard cross was fixed. He said, “No, I want her to have one litter of pups.” My Mother and I inform him of the reasons to spay his dog. After I informed him of the Solano County euthanasia statistics; an average of 6,000 animals destroyed each year, a third of which come from Vallejo, he replied, “MY NEIGHBOR JUST DROWNDS THEM IN THE TUB.”
I felt sick. Not only because of the visual of one drowning babies; puppies or kittens, but of the matter of fact way this person relayed the fact.
When sharing the story with others, numerous other horrors were relayed to me; babies in the trash stories, babies in paper bag stories on the side of the road…on and on and on.
The 6,000 number seemed small after that. Sure those who allow their animals to reproduce may wean the babies and then drop them off at “The Shelter” to “find a new home,” but there are those who immediately kill the offspring, and God knows what other hideous scenarios
If you care, please spread the word about spay and neuter, volunteer, give money, do anything you can to stop this atrocity.
Studies show that those that have no respect for animals have no respect for human life. Lets work together to stop the cycle of abuse.
Lynnie Carvalho
C. Lynn Carvalho
Spay Neuter imperative Project California, 501c3 pending
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Donations and volunteers are needed. Please call Lynn at 707-330-0293.
Lynn Carvalho and her Mother Carol Haskell sold a family home in Costa Mesa and purchased a home with 3 acres at 7345 Porter Road in Dixon. If a kennel license and variance is approved by Solano County, The Porter Road property will become a high volume, low cost dog re-homing center.
Please advocate for the facility to Solano County Planning Department.
SNiP is currently in lease negotiations in Vallejo for a future high volume, low cost spay and neuter center.