2013 is amazing already


Auld Lang Syne~ Video on YouTube

Click on the link above, this video is amazing!

2013 is so amazing already, I know, Right?!

I know you are all feeling the glories from the great purge of 2012. That was a great purge, Spiritually, Physically, Mentally… And Now, we are refreshed with amazing new starts.  I am truly excited. Wendy Vanhatten has my book, mastering her editing skills in helping me create a book that will help others to see the greatness inside themselves. In my recent connections, I have heard from my circles that their visions are being manifested. New beginnings are so fruitful. I am reaching out to all Spheres of Influences, please connect with me as our experiences mean so much. I recently updated all my social media platforms, my links are to the left, please connect, follow, friend and like me.