How Far Will I Run Book Release

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I am enjoying the many blessings in the guise of reconnections that are presenting themselves to me in my latest developments with my book. I have set the date of June 28th for my release party, at the Fairfield Suisun Chamber of Commerce, located at 1111Webster St., in Fairfield.  I am welcoming everyone to enjoy food and wine for our night of connections and reconnections. Thank you to all my friends and loved ones who are coming together to help with the little details here and there, so please save the date on your calendars.
This experience is humbling, in the greatest of fashions. I am accepting Critisms and sitting with my feelings before I am choosing to respond, staying true to my highest intention. Intention being my main focus in this semester of my life class. I am watching other peoples projections of the way they see situations and I am appreciating their views for what they are, their views. This life class is coming to me in the most opportune time. I am learning that patience brings divine appointments. I am engaging in forgiveness, seeing it as an open ended bliss. Entering into the scrutiny of the public eye with my life story, is a bit nerve racking. I know though, that this is apart of my life work, with that choosing to respect all that God hands to me as the blessings for this lifetime. As a child, I had some amazing helper spirits that came to aid at the most opportune times, bringing me to where I am now. I welcome all of you to enjoy my book from the highest versions of yourselves, I hope you can take away something that could possibly bring out the greatness in yourselves.
Many Blessings, Christina Baird