Passionate Mary Pearson

Mary Pearson has come to our luncheons for a few years now. Invited by Jocelyne, Mary immediately blended in with the LWConnections theme of Contribution and Accountability. Mary’s passion for her community makes her a great leader. Mary doesn’t sell her prospects on her products; she educates them and encourages them to seek their highest potential. I appreciate Mary for her respect of community and her love for others to succeed.
Mary is a graduate of Anthony Robbins Mastery University, T Harv Ecker Platinum Member, Dani Johnson Life Mastery and Creating a Dynasty Training.
Empower others to reach their highest potential. To be an example of what’s possible to others. To create the life I dream of where I have all the resources I need to “make it happen”
Her Specialties are a leader, a trainer, a great friend! A an a force for good, a force for God. She believe that with Him all things are possible. She is a master sales professional and a team player. Mary says,”The journey is as important as the goal and the distinctions I make along the way contribute to my personal growth which is a priority.”