Edie Thomas's Strength

Edie Thomas of Connections for Life sets a high example of humanitarianism. Her ethics and beliefs are about empowering others to see their highest version of themselves. Her leadership paves the way for others to expect only the best from themselves. I have learned from Edie that just because someone has a disability doesn’t mean that they are unable to live a life just like someone who has not been clinically prescribed disabled. Thank you Edie for your high integrity and patience in the service you provide for Solano County.
Since 1993 Connections For Life, formerly known as Solano Supported Living Services – a program within USARC/PACE, has been serving Solano County by creating and providing quality services that expand opportunities for personal freedom, choice and independence for adults with intellectual disabilities to develop the behaviors, attitudes, skills, physical and emotional tolerance and productivity necessary to be successful in an integrated community.
The five principles of a supported living service include:
• A home of one’s own
• Choice and self-directed
• Relationships
• Community membership
• Flexible, tailored supports and services