Coach Darius Strickland and the Phoenix Gliders

Coach Darius loves his kids. This is a Man that puts his family and kids way before providing for himself. Coach creates a space for children in our community to push themselves  to fetes they never thought they could accomplish or imagine. These kids create their greatness within themselves on their own terms. The Phoenix Gliders are not only runners, they are athletes bettering their times, their agility and most of all, their performance. Coach Darius has created a magnificent life work for himself!


As head coach of the Phoenix Gliders I have coached over 200 track and field athletes, as well as physical conditioning for other athletes for other sports. We are in our six season as a track and field club. For the past two seasons, Head Coach Darius Strickland, has successfully turned some of the average athletes into speedsters. During the first season 12 out of 26 athletes made it to the Junior Olympics. During the second season 9 athletes made it to the Junior Olympics hosted at the Sacramento Community College. Our intermediate boys relay team posted a time of 46 seconds, coming in 23rd place in the Nation.
The biggest accomplishment was 2011 when he took 20 athletes down to Reno, NV for the West Coast Junior Olympics and out of the 20, 17 made it to the Nationals and broke running records. Our young midget boys set the record in relay at 53 seconds in the West Coast Junior Olympics. As of 2013 Coach Strickland was ask by USATF Association to be the Chairperson for the Cross Country Season.
So many times we fall prey to our dreams and they never amount to anything more than simply dreams. Darius says “Don’t just stand by and watch your dreams become other people’s reality.” Darius reminds us of the words of Van Waller, one of his good friends and also a Motivational Speaker; “Every business, every product, every book, movie, new car, and just about everything we see, feel and touch in society today all have one thing in common. They all started with a dream.” So go ahead and dream the impossible dream – after all – Why Not You?
Believe In You!
One of the greatest obstacles teens face today is a tremendous lack of self-esteem. Darius challenges teens to face themselves and overcome the negative labels, stereotypes and expectations that society, teachers and even family members have been known to place upon them. You will be challenged to rise above what others think of you, listen to your heart and Believe In You!
While working for the University of Davis in the Student Accounting Department, Darius decided to open up a non-profit organization to help troubled teens receive scholarships to attend college. He decided to be a person who could talk to the colleges about helping teens who under normal circumstances would not attempt to apply because of their grades. While at Diablo Valley Community College he has been studying to obtain his degree in Kinesiology for coaching. Darius was an Assistant Youth Director at one of the largest ministries in Vallejo California. Has spoken in Juvenile Hall in Fairfield, and Martinez, CA. Some of his public speaking engagements include: Marin Conservation Corp, Solano Skills Center, Golden Hill Continuation School, and Vallejo High School, and was a youth counselor at the A.K. Bean Foundation, and he also coached for the Vacaville City Basketball league.