Jamie Testa with Akasha Yoga

Jamie owns and operates the only hot Yoga Studio in Vacaville. Her holistic approach to the sacred yoga practice allows for amazing workouts that help with other athletic endeavors or on the enlightened end, a deeper spiritual connection while in meditation. Jamie’s grounded demeanor helps with her practice and makes it delightful to do business with her also.

Jamie Testa

Akasha Yoga offers over 90 yoga classes weekly at three locations: Berkeley, Davis and Vacaville. We offer a variety of yoga class styles for all-level students. Our Hot Hatha and Vinyasa classes are heated. The heat has many benefits including increased muscle elasticity, improved circulation and enhanced detoxification. All of our classes are All-Levels and we have beginning students and well as experience students in every class. Remember, it is not about executing a posture ideally or looking like your neighbor. Instead, it is about going within, becoming aware of sensation and moving with your breath. Pace yourself and honor your body…take rest when needed.