Peggy Lee and Capable Canines

Peggy Lee has trained all my dogs, Mazzy, Neshie and now Gaige. Her training is effective and quick, showing results within one session.  All my dogs were trained within the time frame allotted in Capable Canine’s training package. Peggy also does house calls for when Fido might need a little more attention in a certain area. Peggy services most of Solano County and is well worth her services.
Capable Canine offers one-on-one, no force training for you and your dog with the aim of helping you understand and train your pet and keeping canines in homes and out of shelters. Training sessions are available in your home in individual settings in Solano, Yolo, and Napa counties.
1580 W H Street
CA 95620-4225
Phone: (707) 693-9188