F. Scotty Sanderson and Workforce Investment Bureau

Scotty Sanderson is so caring when it comes to helping our citizens find work to provide for their family’s. The Workforce Investment Bureau¬†works with the State of California’s Unemployment Department to facilitate in job training, searching and resume building. Scotty’s lifework is selfless, truly helping our community’s families get back on their feet when there is a loss of employment due to lay off’s, the economy, or life changes.
F. Scotty Sanderson
About the Solano WIB
The Workforce Investment Board (WIB) of Solano County is a private, non-profit, federally funded agency that operates in partnership with Solano County. Our mission is to apply our funding to improve the nation’s workforce at the local level. Through our partnership with the Solano Employment Connection, job seekers and employers have access to a full menu of services.
WIB Services for Job Seekers:

  • Targeted Hirings with Local Employers
  • Individualized Job Placement and Job Search Assistance
  • Job Readiness Training
  • On-the-job training

No-cost Services for Employers:

  • Assistance with Employee Recruitment, Including Job Listings in Career Centers
  • Local and Regional Listings through the Solano E-mail Employment Network (SEEN)
  • Recruitment Events at Career Centers
  • Funding for hiring and Training: On-The-Job Training Program (wage reimbursement up to 90%)
  • Pre-screened WIB Applicants (when available)
  • Access to WIB Conference and Meeting Rooms to Interview and Test Applicants