Sandy Stelter of Strategic Organizing Solutions

Talk about organized!!! Sandy of Strategic Organizing Solutions is the most organized person I know! So refreshing! When Sandy is on our team, we know everything will get done in a smooth and timely manner.
Strategic Organizing Solutions
An Organizing and Coaching Consultant Firm
PO Box 55
Suisun, CA 94585
Phone: (707) 425-4SOS (4767)
Get Organized… Get Energized… Get Relief!!
Almost everyone feels his or her office could be better organized, paperwork better managed, and processes more efficient and streamlined. But few are aware of the specific costs of disorganization.
You must invest time and money to save time and money. But simple steps can be taken while conducting regular business activity to get organized and stay productive! Help is only a call away! Don’t Agonize… Organize!
For more information, please contact SOS or call (707) 425-4SOS today.