Casey Ladd with nDataStor

Casey Ladd helps our businesses in our community sleep better at night. Knowing that our information is safe is what nDataStor does best. Casey helps the most naive person understand all their computers in a very patient way.
nDataStor provides search engine advertising services that put your ads on the #1 Search Engine in the world, Google. As a Google AdWords™ Premier Partner, we will create quality advertising campaigns that work best for you. Our goal is to place your business in front of the right customer, at the right time, on the right device. The Google specialists at nDataStor and industry leading technology work together to improve your marketing efforts and bring you more customers
Remarketing provides a way for your business to stay in front of customers who have shown interest, but may not be ready to make a purchase at that very moment. Our specialists put your ads in front of those consumers who have previously visited your website and left. By targeting these interested consumers we send reminders of what you have to offer, and help bring them back to you