Dwight Benz with Waddell & Reed

Dwight was referred to us by his manager, James Slaughter, who used to come to our luncheon before his office moved to Sacramento. Dwight is active with his financial book of business  in Solano and Yolo Counties. Dwight Creates and maintains wealth management as a target goal for his clients.
We have a plan for your financial future
For more than seven decades, Waddell & Reed has helped millions of Americans develop customized financial plans to help them get to where they want to go in life. Our philosophy is clear and simple:
Investing. Each Waddell & Reed financial advisor has direct access to our investment management team as well as a wide array of highly competitive products and services. Quite simply, we do our own work, believe in our own research and act on our own ideas.
With a plan. We develop comprehensive, personal financial plans tailored specifically to each client’s needs. Over time, we help individuals and families turn their dreams – such as sending children to college, providing for retirement, or simply accumulating assets – into attainable, real solutions that can improve their lives.
By building personalized plans supported with strong investment products, we enable our clients to identify their financial planning goals and to take action toward achieving them.
That’s investing. With a plan.