Desi Capaz and Coldwell Banker

Desi has come to our Vacaville and was instumental in starting the short lived Napa Luncheon. Desi is an active Realtor  in his communities in Napa and American Canyon. He also hosts a Public Access Show in Napa called , Napa Unlocked featuring local non-profits and businesses giving back to their communities.

Living in Napa Valley for eight years, my passion for wine has grown immensely. My priority is to use the knowledge acquired from my MBA and help businesses grow in the wine industry. Owning two small businesses in the past has helped me understand the effort it takes to transform them into successful ones. As opportunity awaits, the most important element for me is “to love what I do” and being a wine educator at Freemark Abbey Winery in St. Helena is perfect. Cheers!