Isabelle Choiniere- Correa of Insights and Foresights

Isabelle comes all the way from Oakland to attend the Little Wing Connections Luncheon in Vacaville. Isabelle is a travel agent and Psychic. I have worked with her in both of her service capacities and have been more than ecstatic with my journeys and my healings. For my trip to the Bahamas, Isabelle took care of my all my booking and traveling needs so that my trip was a complete relaxation success. Whenever I have had some opportunities in my life, Isabelle has been available to ground me out and bring me back to focus.

For almost 20 years, Isabelle Choiniere-Correa has had the honor of championing hundreds of Artists and Business Professionals in their quest for self-knowledge and the manifestation of their deepest dreams.
Isabelle grew up in Quebec, Canada and relocated to Northern California 25 years ago. She was introduced to the Tarot by a powerful reading she received at age 17 but it is there, in the State of sunshine and avocados, that her curiosity about the Intuitive Arts became a life pursuit.
She became an avid student of the Tarot, as a Divination system and a tool for self-transformation. It provided a structure within which she could channel all that psychic information she had been at the effect of. What she had (until then) experienced as a curse, she could now see as a gift she could develop into an art.
In her work, she seeks to guide her clients and students to trust their own intuition, to be at the helm of their Ships and completely in charge of their Life’s Itinerary.