Trevor Del Pape DC

Our luncheon’s Chiropractor moved to Santa Rosa a few months back. Dr Trevor Del Pape was am intuitive chiropractor with a heart. He made a practice out of helping others when they preferred alternative preventative methods. If you’re ever in Sonoma county, look up Dr. Trevor at 11oo Sonoma Ave. STE. A1. He takes walk ins!
Walk-In Chiropractic has been developed for the 21st century health care for neck and back pain relief! We offer affordable, short-term chiropractic care with no appointment needed to get out of pain and back in the game.
Most people walk in to get out pain and back to their regular daily activities. People don’t have time to be in pain because they are busy with work, family and kids. So we’ve made it easy for people to come in when it’s convenient during business hours. WE VALUE YOUR TIME! So we’ve made it easy!
We educate our patients, family and friends about current health information for healthier lifestyles on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We are helping build a strong bridge between awareness to pro-active health care. We value health by educating the public! It’s up to you which direction you want to go.