Chuck Rieger and Solano Center for Business Innovation

Chuck came to our Little Wing Connections Accountability and Contribution luncheon and presented the mission and intention of the Solano Center for Business Innovation.  What I love most about this organization is it’s motivation to help the small and local business owners of Solano County. Here is some great information from their website:
“The Solano Center for Business Innovation (SCBI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting small business owners in Solano County develop smarter, more sustainable businesses.  SCBI focuses on providing advanced learning opportunities, in large and small group settings,   for existing or start-up business owners.  Helping businesses develop more sustainable business approaches benefits the entire community by aiding small businesses to grow.
SCBI was born out of the recognition that Solano County’s economic vitality requires a variety of approaches: including all local businesses, and all business types.The community depends upon a viable small business environment that is able to sustain itself, and grow, over time.  This requires that small business owners have the opportunity to learn new and advanced strategy, management and operational approaches.  As a public-benefit corporation, we help existing small businesses to learn how to become more sustainable over time, and assist new businesses in learning how to get off to a faster start.”