Diane Wilson with Fairfield Suisun Adult School

I met Diane in 2011 at the Career Technical Education Appreciation Dinner for Solano County’s Office of Education. She later came to the Little Wing Connections Luncheon with Gillie Miller to share their programs with the group. The Fairfield Suisun Adult School provides adult education classes for adults in a safe environment so that they can provide for their families. Their classes range from particular trade courses as well as general education advancements.
Welcome to my classes. My hope is that you learn something useful to take away with you concerning computers. I was as a network administrator at UCDavis for 8 years and have been working at the Adult school for the past 9 years teaching computer applications for career technical education, helping students to obtain higher level job skills; and I also teach High School Economics, US History, US Governemt, and starting in the fall of the 2015-2016 school year I will be co-teaching a Computer applications, Business English class with Ms. Winnett
You can contact me by email at dianewi@fsusd.org or by using text/voicemail 707-356-9317.
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