I just stay out of it…

Recently, on one of my meetings with a fellow marketing associate, I noticed a theme in his responses were, “I just stay out of it…” when we were discussing how so called professional men treat business women that they think they have authority over. I have seen in these men, the thrill of accomplishment of just saying, “they are my employee… or she works for me…” I felt a question within me arising of what’s the difference between staying out of drama and standing up for what is right in our business community?  I walked away from the meeting, asking myself, “what if all of us had that same way of thinking?” If one were to “stay out of it” all the time, how would evolution and growth transpire? I do agree that unneeded drama is best unfed. I do agree that the value of work is not gendered.
blinds eyeI do know that when I have observed  insults or unjust behavior in the past, I have interjected. I believe there is a right time to scrutinize and appropriately defend what I believe is right. Everyone deserves common courtesy and respect.

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