Deborah Benefield

Deborah Benefield has lived in Fairfield CA for 15 years, her background is in Leadership and Development with a large firm in the Bay Area. She currently a National Director with a company called Visalus also known as Body By Vi, she is helping fight the obesity that is spreading on a global scale. ViSalus is the No. 1 weight loss & fitness Challenge platform in North America—rewarding those with the best 90-day transformations over $25 MILLION each year in free products, prizes, and vacations. ViSalus™ is challenging the world to look at health differently…We challenge YOU to make your health a priority for at least 90 days using our Body by Vi™ Challenge. She is a leader in the Direct Selling industry, working with and coaching other leaders and individuals to work from home and own a business that generates a Residual Income She is very passionate about helping people with their health. She truly believes that if you don’t have your health you have nothing. Over the last 2 years she has helped thousands of people lose weight, stabilize their blood pressure, lower their cholesterol and level out their blood sugars. Deborah enjoys camping, wine tasting, traveling, hiking, and networking. Deborah is always looking how she can help support people in the dreams and goals that they put out.