Wendy Vanhatten, Published Author and Editor

You may know my name…Wendy VanHatten. You may even know I am a published author of several books, Editor for Prime Time Living Magazine, and freelance editor for authors worldwide.
But, writing and editing weren’t my first careers. For many years I was in the health care administration world until our health care system went through major changes. Switching gears, I first became published as a respected travel writer and later as a published author of books. Then, I turned to editing for a travel writing school and editing for other authors.
Throughout this journey I have taught writing at the college level, have conducted private writing workshops to help other authors get started with their writing, and continue to speak at travel writing workshops.
Sometimes I have help. My office supervisor and resident cat offers suggestions, encourages me to take a break, and co-authored one of my books.
Check out my website, www.wendyvanhatten.com and take a look at my children’s books, my latest mystery novel, and other books I have written.
Wendy VanHatten
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