Susan Schwartz's and Your Marketing Spot

susan schwartz
Susan Schwartz’s Company is Your Marketing Spot, she is an independent Reseller of Video e-mail technology.  Susan has the turnkey solutions for consumer retention utilizing video e-mail marketing.  Your marketing spot can help you create brand awareness in online business Marketing by combining traditional tools with modern technology such as video enabled e-mail campaigns, webinars and LIVE presentations where you can communicate,  promote, and educate to a global audience.  This platform allows you to take full control of your online marketing efforts.  At the heart of the OfficePro e-mail marketing system  is a very robust Contact Management System CRM.   The most used and effective features of expensive and complicated CRM Systems are included in OfficePro.
Susan Started a parent program in Southern California to involve parents in the school to support and work beside teachers and students.  She spoke at the California League Of Middle School on Parent Involvement.  Susan was selected as volunteer of the year for her work at the Vacaville Neighborhood  Boy’s and Girl’s Club, she is a powerful advocate for children, her colleagues are drawn into the happenings at the club when the need arises. Organized Cash Mob to support local business, donated her time to the Yippie Yogurt Foundation and supports CTE Solano County Office Of Education.   She belongs to many networking groups, Director Consultant for BNI where she  oversees and supports multiple chapters.  Starts and trains new chapters. Gives presentations to chapters on networking, leadership, and Referral Marketing. Assist’s Chapters in growth and production.  Little Wing Connection Luncheons where she uses her technology to stream LIVE.