Solomon Gee

Solomon Gee
Solomon was born and raised in San Francisco, California. His entire career has been in the Information Technology field with different companies and progressive positions starting from a computer technician and advancing throughout his 25+ years to his last position as the IT Director for the City of Vacaville. He hired and structured his management team to earn many state-recognized awards for Help Desk operations, project management, and overall IT strategies. He served as the Northern California MISAC (Municipal Information Systems Association of California) chapter president and was appointed to the MISAC state board to interact with other city officials. He is very comfortable with all levels of staff but in particular, he has a natural way of presenting technology strategies that align with business strategies.
During his career progression, he earned his BSBA and MBA from the University of Phoenix Online Division. At the time, this was the cutting edge methodology for “distance learning” and he was privileged to be one of the early participants of this growing education channel for working adults.
He is married and has 4 boys. He enjoys golf and is always finding himself in leadership roles. For example, he and his golfing partner created a 31-member golf club association in 2000 and this club played at various courses throughout Northern California. Solomon was, no doubt, the commissioner of the golf club and this club (and position) existed for 7 years.
Solomon is a natural born leader who loves to help people and organizations develop strategic and tactical plans for operational efficiency and business continuity. When he retired in 2010, he began to write his first book. Eventually, he found Melaleuca and has started an entirely new career by utilizing his leadership skills and sincere desire to help others enhance their lives. This recession-proof business strategy allows Solomon to assist others in achieving their personal, financial and physical goals by continuing to do what they are already doing naturally.
You can reach Solomon at: or at (707) 344-5056. He is ready to help you enhance your overall life.