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Svava Brooks is the co-founder (2004) of a nationwide Child Sexual Abuse prevention and education organization (NGO) in Iceland, Blátt áfram ( and survivor of child sexual abuse. Her hope is to lead by example in breaking the silence on this most damaging and pervasive issue. Svava speaks openly and directly about her abuse, personal healing and dedication to the issue of Child Sexual Abuse, and by doing so hopes to educate survivors and other responsible adults. She has dedicated her life to ending the cycle of abuse through education, awareness and supporting survivors with how to get the help they need.
Svava is available to speak publicly for a wide variety of occasions and age groups. Svava will vary her presentation, depending on the audience, but the main focus is always empowerment and prevention! When speaking to adults, her lectures focus on the need for adult responsibility. When speaking to teenagers, her lectures focus on age-appropriate responsibilities, self esteem, the need for good boundaries, and the critical importance of finding a way to get help if necessary. In all cases, Svava speaks from the heart and uses wit, wisdom and humility to convey a message of hope rather then anger or blame. Her interactive lectures blend real-life experiences with the latest statistics and data about CSA. The goal is to show that together, through education, awareness and straight-talk, we can create a safer environment for our children and for generations to come.
A Certified Instructor and Facilitator for Darkness to Light Stewards of Children child sexual abuse prevention training since 2004, Svava provides Stewards of Children evidence based prevention training throughout California.
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Svava Brooks
Instructor and Facilitator
Darkness to Light Stewards of Children
Peer support for adult survivors of Child Sexual Abuse