My chat with Len Augustine

Today I had the opportunity to sit with Vacaville’s former Mayor, Len Augustine. I asked him how he was enjoying his retirement. His answer impressed me as I was expecting the more common answer of, “I am busier retired than when I was before when I was working…”.
Len Augustine and Harry Price
Len shared with me that in the most recent months people have approached him in public with recollection of sort of impact he had on them or their family’s while he was in office. His life work made an impression on them in some sort of way and it was humbling to him that he could be remembered for what he thought were little acts of basic moral kindnesses. Most of the memories that these people reminded Len of were of one on one interactions, out of the public eye for recognition.
I asked Len  if he missed it.
His answer was inspiring, as he shared that his “lifework” will always continue to do what he feels is right and if people take him to heart then that’s an extra gift form God. It’s exciting to come across such great leaders in our community that we can right next to and call friend. Len has helped in the past years for the Vacaville Optimist Club serving all of Solano County’s Oratorical Contest as a judge among numerous other volunteer efforts he has donated his time to throughout the years.