The Power of Connecting

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I received this email and am choosing to share it with all those that have sent me their professional bio’s and head shot’s and for those who have not. Little Wing Connections excels at bringing people to business. In order for us to do so, we need to know about you. If you are active in your community, making yourself accountable to it’s growth and are contributing without attachment, Email Christina your information and she will upload it to the Little Wing Connections site,
…”a few weeks ago a prospective client called me who found me on the Little Wings website! She didn’t end up moving forward with any services at this time, but without your website, she never even would have found me!  Feel free to share this with other Little Wing Attendees…your powerful presence and marketing support truly does work! :)”

Your a gem…hopefully we can connect again soon!!

Be Well,Brittany Szarek RDN, CSP, LD, CHC
Certified Health Coach
Registered Dietitian