Imagination by Wendy Vanhatten

Use your imagination. I use mine every day. How about you?
If you are a writer, you already know you need to use your imagination to develop your characters, plot, and scenes. You use it when writing your outline for your next book or trying to discover who your reader will be. If you own a business, you use your imagination to design your logo, create your marketing plan, and open the front door. You thought about colors, shapes, and floor plans.
If you are a photographer, your imagination helps your photos. Professional and hobby photographers both ‘see’ images as they take the photo. Maybe even before. Let’s say you are a chef or a cook…definitely you use your imagination in coming up with new recipes or new ways to serve an old one.
What other ways do you use your imagination? Right now you’re probably using your imagination thinking about how you use it. Right?
Wendy VanHatten
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