Jamie Testa

I discovered yoga while a student at UC Davis. After my first hot yoga class I knew the practice would be part of my life-long journey. At the time, I was reliant on 3+ visits a week to the chiropractor to stave off dibilitating headaches that were lingering from multiple car accidents. The practice challenged me physically and mentally…some days it took all my will to go to class. After several months of consistent practice the headaches were nearly gone. My quality of life was significantly improved.
In 2006, it was time to start giving back by teaching. I attended a comprehensive 500-hour yoga teacher training program. I taught for 4 years before I was able to realize my dream of opening a studio in Vacaville.
“It is my life purpose to share the practice of yoga with as many people as possible. It may not be for everyone but based on my personal journey I encourage everyone to try. I see the potential for the benefits to be as profound for you as they have been for me and I wish to share this message with you.”
Jamie Testa

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