Curtis Hunt, a man of compassion and knowledge

Hazel Payne, Curtis Hunt and Christina Baird insta.As one of the seven commissioners of Community Services for the City of Vacaville, I am introduced to the many opportunities that help our hometown grow efficiently and effectively. As commissioners, we hear and advise on community issues and report to our City Council and Mayor. I am blessed to be apart of such a supportive and knowledgable team that focuses on the true well-being of our city.
Through out the years, the council member, the educator that stands out the most is Curtis Hunt. He is truly invested in our city’s growth and intentions. Curtis understands and foresees the repercussions of not planning accordingly and building way too fast for our communities to keep up. He knows the trickle down effect, he enjoys our beautiful town and all it has to offer and he also advocates growth in a safe and efficient manner. Curtis is active in our Senior advocacies as well as our youth organizations. He is Vacaville’s very own Oak Tree firmly planted and invested with his roots deeply embedded in the soils of our citizens concerns and best interest.
Thank you Curtis for always explaining and investing your time in my city in which I call home. Your efforts are applauded, valued and appreciated.