Chuck Timm Announces Bid for Fairfield City Council

Chuck Timm

Chuck Timm Announces Bid for Fairfield City Council
Focuses on Gangs and Crime, healthier place to grow jobs

Through thousands of friends on Facebook, Chuck Timm is taking the unusual start of kicking off a campaign to return to the Fairfield City Council by reaching out directly to the people through social media, traditional media like the Daily Republic and Reporter, and walking through neighborhoods to reintroduce himself to the community that has been his home since high school.
With the City of Fairfield facing some of the biggest challenges in its history, Chuck Timm brings the right combination of experience, leadership and fresh ideas to make Fairfield’s streets safer and its economy healthier.
As a tested community leader, former Vice Mayor of Fairfield and retired police Sergeant and detective, Chuck is uniquely positioned to lead Fairfield to permanent solutions – not band aids – to the plague of gang-infestation and crime, creating a stable economy that will generate jobs, and make Fairfield a place of opportunity for everyone.
“We are at a crossroad – will we let gangs control our streets, or will we take them back for ourselves and our young people?” challenged Timm. “Will we sit back and wait to be rescued from a miserable economy, or will rescue ourselves by making new opportunities for employers and employees alike? I say the answer is clear, and I’m prepared to lead the charge.”
A dedicated community leader, Chuck has served as an advisor to The Leaven since 2007, helping to guide the rapid expansion of that organization as it supports educational opportunities for young people in need. He served on the Board of the Fairfield-Suisun Chamber of Commerce until this year, honing his skills in how we can attract new; living wage jobs to Fairfield residents. He will continue to serve as Vice
Chair of its Business Issues Committee. As President of the Family Justice Center, he is ensuring a safe haven for victims of domestic violence, giving women and children new hope. Chuck has also served as a softball and t-ball coach,as an Honorary Commander at Travis AFB, on the redevelopment oversight committee for Fairfield and on the Senior Coalition on Aging.
The son of a retired Air Force Colonel,Chuck has lived in Fairfield since his senior year of high school, when his father was stationed at Travis Air Force Base. Following graduation, he joined the CivilAir
Patrol at Travis and earned degrees in Criminal Justice and Management. A 31-year veteran of the Fairfield Police Department, Chuck retired in 2004 and has since dedicated his time to his family and his volunteer work in the community, including service as a Councilman and Vice Mayor from 2007 – 2011.
Chuck met his wife, Pat, an emergency room nurse, partner at a prominent health care law firm, and the daughter of an Air Force Master Sergeant, while living in Fairfield during his senior year of high school. Chuck and Pat are the proud parents and grandparents of a son,daughter and three granddaughters.
For more information,visit Chuck’s personal Facebook page, watch for his new campaign website coming out next week, or just call him at {707) 249-1042.
Also Contact:
Dan Sharp
{916) 716-2187