Danyala Cook

Danyala Cook cr
Danyala “Dani” Cook, born in Berkeley and raised in Santa Rosa, is a Northern California Native, Champion Sheep Sheerer and first generation college graduate. Dani and her husband Kevin successfully home schooled her daughter, K’Yala, who went onto attend the Santa Rosa Junior College at the age of 12 and graduated with an AA in math at 16. K’Yala is now an optician.
Born hard of hearing, Dani loves to educate people on noise pollution and hard of hearing practices.
“Many People forget that hearing isn’t obvious, unlike wearing glasses when there is loss of site and it is advertised on any person wearing glasses, there can be many unseen and unheard issues for people who can’t hear and don’t own hearing aids,” affirms Dani. Dani holds an AA in mathematics from the Santa Rosa Junior College and a BS in computer science from Sonoma State University and has currently returned to the Santa Rosa Junior College to obtain Payroll, Bookkeeping, and Accounting Certifications. The education may not stop here either.
Dani’s was the first woman in her family on her maternal side to graduate from college. Her husband of 20 years, Kevin is also the first male in his family to graduate. Both Dani and Kevin, of African American decent and raised with Caucasian families, worked really hard to get recognized as minorities to attend college. Kevin and Dani avidly promote education into science and mathematics fields.
With 20 years customer service and 15 years Microsoft products usage, Dani is currently working at Whole Foods Market as a Data Scan Specialist. She likes helping people get what they need and getting jobs done with the most accuracy and detailed attention.
“I personally believe my internal customers are just as important, if not more important, than external customers. If you don’t have good internal customer service, you won’t have good external customer service. If everyone is respectful and help inside your organization, it naturally spills outside your organization,” Dani attests.
Dani is a highly creative individual with a strong sense of history. She learned sheep sheering while she was spinning wool (silk, cotton any fiber) into yarn. I enjoy the sheep to shawl idea as lace shawls are my favorite to knit, along with socks. Dani sews, quilts, needlepoints, designs costumes, and beading, the cottage industry fiber arts interest her the most. As added benefits to her daughter homeschooling education, Dani helped teach knitting, spinning, and quilting to teens and various knitting groups, while also designing knitting designs for a friend’s business. Some of Dani’s designs follow the net today, Dani’s Dobby Socks
In Dani’s active free time, she enjoys hiking, biking, and hula hooping and hopes to join the Hooping Idol contest in 2017.We should watch to see just how far she will hoop run!