Laura McLaren

Laura McLaren
Laura McLaren was born and raised in Fairfield, California. She was an entrepreneur at a young age washing RV’s for the Jelly Belly owner in the 1970’s, selling pieces of gum for the price of a pack to the neighborhood kids, and selling lemons off a tree to the owner of the tree for water-slide money.
Laura has had a variety of positions from 10+ years of retail management, commission sales, to a funeral director/family service counselor to name a few. To Laura there is no such thing as a stranger, it is just a friend she has not met yet. She lives for helping others in any way she can be it connecting people, educating people, mentoring youth to start their own businesses, or volunteering her time to various non-profits such as Alzheimer’s AssociationMission Solano, Heather House, Autism Walks, and more. Most recently a social worker for adults with disabilities, Laura’s passion for motivating people led them to accomplish what was deemed as unrealistic achievements. She is an energetic idealist and would love to connect with you!
As a little girl she always wanted to be an inventor and in 2007 she invented the Cleavage Caddy (a multi-functional insert a woman wears in her bra that has pockets to hold her cash, ATM, lip gloss, keys, or hotel key) with a bit of lace to add some modesty-a travelers necessity. The Cleavage Caddy was patented in 2009 and has sold worldwide through an online store. Laura claims she never spent a dime on advertising, it was merely networking with the national American Business Women’s Association and local chambers. Positioning was the key when the Vallejo Bankruptcy was national news the Cleavage Caddy was a headliner. She has done numerous radio shows and interviews nationwide, a couple television segments, national vendor shows, and the Cleavage Caddy made the Jimmy Fallon and Bonnie Hunt dialogues.
Mentoring others is a passion and she started the Dream Support Network online to help connect mentors with the youth to follow their dreams. DSN’s motto is to “Live Your Purpose” and help others do the same.
A mother of two boys ages 17 and 10, she believes and instill in her kids that her job is to raise them to be successful, happy, respectful men who contribute to society in a positive manner. They have this motto memorized.