Salvio DeFuria

Salvio DeFuria
Salvio DeFuria  came from Italy with his family in 1983 to Los Angeles, bringing with him his passion of cooking Northern and Southern Italian cuisines. Salvio attended culinary school in Tuscany. Salvio has worked all his life in kitchens and owned a restaurant called Angolo de Vino in Santa Monica. For 23 years, Salvio ran long time friend and colleague, Robert DeNiro’s restaurants in West Hollywood, Las Vegas, New York and Miami. In 2012, Salvio came to  Fairfield, CA and opened Salvio’s Italian Kitchen next to Travis AFB.  After only a year, Salvio closed it and partnered up with Rockville Bar and Grill and started Salvio at the Rock.
Recently, Salvio has ventured out to focus on his own catering company called, Catering by Chef Salvio.
To book an event, call (707) 439-3064 or his cell at (818) 384-1298
Salvio DeFuria dish

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