Kayla Keown and the End Child Abuse Facebook page

My name is Kayla Keown and I am an administrator for the End Child Abuse Facebook page. The page was created on April 24, 2010 by Alexandra Comisseris. Alexandra brought me on April 5th, 2014 because she found the page to be a bit too much for only one person to handle. There were daily messages and people wanting to be coached on how to overcome the abuse they had been dealing with. So in April I began helping Alexandra coach these people into a happier life where they could become free of the abuse they had suffered. We have both been victims of abuse and decided that we no longer wanted to be victims, but survivors so the website became our outlet.
Alexandra and I have both shared our personal stories and we strive to make our group feel comfortable as they each share their own story. No two abusive situations are completely alike, but the hurting and the healing are the same. So we offer a stress-free environment for people to share how they are coping, how they are surviving. The intent of our page is only this: to bring awareness to abuse, to encourage people to rally against it, and to offer a place of healing for those who have been affected by abuse.
My life’s goal is to start an organization that works with schools in offering a safe haven for children to reach out about abuse, to teach them how to take a stand against it, and to protect them from the already known registered sex offenders in their areas. This has been a long term goal and the steps to achieve it have been extremely vague for me. I am not a licensed therapist, so legally I can not help counsel people, but I have the experience to know how a person needs to be counseled in such times of need. So I became a part of this page to offer all I have to those who need it.
Thank you so much for reaching out and taking an interest in our page, End Child Abuse Facebook page. Any recognition towards the page means greater awareness for this cause and we strive for awareness beyond all else. Thank you for helping us stand up and raise our voices against abuse.
Kayla Keown