The Spay Neuter Project Charity Auction with eBay Giving Works

The Spay Neuter Project Charity Auction with eBay Giving Works
SNIPCA Jennifer Madison
Spay Neuter group is working on changing the status of Vallejo CA, which was listed on Forbes 2013 sixth Most Miserable City in the United States. As you know, animals are usually at the bottom of the list being abandoned and left sick and alone.
Spay Neuter Imperative Project, California is pleased to announce The Spay Neuter Project Charity Auction with eBay Giving Works. The online auction will begin October 19 at 4 p.m. and end October 26 at 4 p.m. pacific time, on the secure auction site Our Goal to raise money to help the pet overpopulation, abandoned, abused and sick animals in Vallejo, CA. Funds will be used to fund a low & no cost spay/neuter and veterinary care programs.
A wide range of items are being auctioned, including collectible Handmade Chinese Opera Puppets, Minzu and Youmeida Chinese Minority Dolls, Guitars, Designer shoes, mush more. In addition one can dedicate of the 22 spay/neuter cages, wet table or name the mobile clinic to a loved one, friend, family member or beloved pet. The most unique items featured are one of a kind, hand crafted Pet Palaces fit for pet royalty.
Over 2,000 companion animals are euthanized from Vallejo each year. Less fortunate are abandoned on the streets, destroyed by their own families and tossed in the trash…alive. Some of the actions are too horrendous to say.
The feral cat situation is horrendous. Most of the cats have eye infections and upper respiratory issues; Feline Herpes Virus or FHV-1 which is extremely contagious. The eye infections, if unattended take the eyes which is extremely painful at first and deadly at the end.
The mission of Spay Neuter imperative Project, California, Inc. (SNiP) is to provide the non-lethal solution to the homeless, abandoned, and feral animal populations so that euthanasia is no longer an acceptable means of population control. The mission will be accomplished through a high efficiency; low and no cost spay, neuter and veterinary services and clinic in Vallejo. In addition, SNiP will educate and advocate to Break the Cycle of Abuse of animals and people in under-served areas of Solano County.
Best wishes,
C. “Lynnie” Carvalho
Founder and Executive Director
Spay Neuter imperative Project California aka SNiP CA
1748 Tuolumne Street, Suite 60
Vallejo, CA 94589-2619
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Help us help animals in Solano County. To donate go to EIN: 46-1587546 a 501 (c)3 corporation
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