Mike Rose’s Auto Body’s 14th Annual Benevolence Program

Mike Rose’s Auto Body’s 14th Annual Benevolence Program
Veterans Day November 11th, 2014

Mike Rose Benevolence program 2014

In Honor of Veterans Day
Local companies working together to help make life a little easier
for those less fortunate

Mike Rose Benevolence program 2014 with VVBSM

Mike Rose’s Auto Body is proud to hold the first of 2 Benevolence
Presentations. The first presentation will be held on Veterans Day,
November 11th 2014 at our Fairfield location. The second Presentation
will be hosted at our Antioch location in December 2014. A total of 6
cars will be presented this year.
The Benevolence Program is a “community give back program” whose
mission is to Present refurbished “new” used cars to deserving
individuals or organizations during the holiday season. Everything is
Donated, the cars, parts, paint, mechanical inspections, tires and 1 year
of insurance. The body and paint technicians donate their time and
This year we have partnered with the Vintage Valley Blue Star Moms of
Solano County, Travis AFB and GEICO Insurance. In honoring the spirit
of Veterans Day, we will present a “new” used car to a deserving
military family stationed at Travis Air Force Base. The Pink Heals of
Solano County and Vanden High School’s Jazz Band will be attending the
presentation this year.
We are also honored to have Col Corey J. Martin USAF, his family and
staff, join us at the presentation. Col Martin will say a few words to our
guest and their families.
“It has been so rewarding over the last 13 years presenting the cars to
deserving families and single parents who are working to improve their
skills and become independent”….Mike Rose
Mike Rose’s Auto Body has been participating in the Benevolence
Program for the last 13 years and with this year’s 42nd Anniversary, we
have donated 46 cars to the community.
Please visit our website for more information on this wonderful
program…. www.mikesautobody.com
If you have any questions, I can be reached by cell/text 925-250-8482 or
email at ….. sal@mikesautobody.com
Everyone that touches the car is invited to the presentation.
Thank you in advance for your interest in the Benevolence Program,
Sal Contreras
Mike Rose’s Auto Body
Date: November 11th, Veterans Day
Where: Mike’s Auto Body, 885 Beck Ave, Fairfield CA 94533
Time: 3:00pm