Courtney Franklin

Courtney Franklin
Courtney Franklin was born in Vallejo, California. She was raised in Fairfield, California and Benicia her whole life. She lived in Fairfield, California till she was 12 years old. Everyday she was home, she would play outside until the street lights came on. When she wasn’t home, she was being babysitted by her grandparents who lived in Benicia until her mother lost her house. She then moved into their grandparents house and lived there till she was 14. She enjoyed living with her grandparents and felt right at home, but disliked Benicia and Benicia Middle School. She was constantly tormented every day by her peers because she was black. She did not like the culture of Benicia and found it horrible and very bigoted. So, she moved back to Fairfield when she was 14 and loves it there better, but is still constantly bothered by many girls at her school and have found she only gets along with males as friends.
A major turn of event was during her 7th grade year when she was chosen by her science teacher to be a candidate for a science and math camp for girls called Tech Trek, which is organized by the AAUW. It was her first application she ever filled out and her very first interview. She was accepted into the program and spent a full two weeks at Sonoma State University in a dorm with other girls and adults. She realized she wasn’t a complete “vegetable” and that there were some things she could do on her own. Courtney felt
as if she went from a little girl to a young woman and she began to handle situations more maturely.
Courtney does not define her life or any part of it as work. She loves what she does and that is studying science, doing statistic research, and has a passion for making clothes. She believes that it helps only the people closest to her and who knows her the most. She would only hope that in the future she can meet many people and help everyone in need. She loves doing what she does because it sets her free.
In the future, Courtney plans to travel the world by helping people who need help, tasting new food, and living her life unchained and completely free. After High School, she plans to go to Chico State University to become a Pediatric Heart Surgeon and then finish her schooling at John Hopkins Medical all while selling her clothes on the side. She wants to make people happy and only hopes that’s what she is remembered