Lauri Law

Lauri Law
Lauri Law is the sales and operations manager at Alkar Human Resources and has been with the company since 1996. She has over 18 years of experience in the Staffing Industry including executive management, human resources, sales, planning, budgeting and management. Prior to joining Alkar spent 12 years as a branch supervisor for a local bank called Sacramento Savings bank.
During her tenure at Alkar Human resources Lauri has held a number of management positions, including Executive Vice President, Branch manager and Sales Supervisor.
Lauri has been responsible for providing overall direction and guidance to the activities of the organization with the objective of maximizing growth and profitability as well as day-to-day leadership and management. She manages organization operations by directing and coordinating activities consistent with established goals, objectives, and policies. She has implemented programs to ensure attainment of business plan for growth and profit. She has improved processes and management methods to generate higher ROI and workflow optimization. Lauri develops and create strategies and policies aligned with organizational goals. In addition she provides mentoring and guidance to subordinates and other employees. She works closely with finance to develop budget and cost containment processes and develops marketing strategies and programs to ensure the company is on track with growth and goals. She is currently focusing her efforts on growing revenue, expanding/diversifying number of clients and growing market share. Lauri’s sales and overall expertise and dedication have been advantageous to Alkar’s success. Alkar is a women owned business and is one of the local leaders in Staffing since 1985.
Lauri is active in charitable ventures associated with Fairfield Suisun Chamber of commerce and surrounding chambers, NCHRA, The Leaven and Solano EDC. She recently graduated the leadership program in June of 2011.

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