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To a serious author, the value of a good writing coach is priceless. Having utilized a writing coach, I have been there and I understand how a coach helps a writer with character development, story lines, writing prompts, critiquing, and overall writing skills.
Find a writing coach with a passion; one that will help writers who are serious about writing. Basically, you’re looking for a partner. If you write fiction…find one that specializes in fiction. Good writing coaches often help with more than one genre.
How do you find a good writing coach? Do you know someone who has used a coach? If so, ask that person if they liked him or her and why. Then, interview that coach. Ask questions about how they work, how much time they will spend with you, have they been published, about the process as a whole.
You may only need a writing coach to get you started. You may need one throughout your entire writing experience. You and the coach should discuss this as well and develop the plan that works for you. Work together to build on your writing strengths, to prioritize your writing goals, to overcome challenges that interfere with your writing progress, and to hold you accountable.
Think about these questions that may help you get started:
• Do you want to jump start your novel?
• Are you interested in being more serious about getting your memoir on paper?
• Do you know how to turn your blog into a readable book or eBook?
• Can you really finish your how-to manual?
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