What if? In Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada

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A gathering of innovation jumpstarted by questions, propelled by curiosity.
“Register for What If Vegas, taking place December 19.”
What is The What If…? Conference?
This December, What If…? Las Vegas is empowering a new group of entrepreneurs by providing the ideas, network, and vision to take action.
The What if…? Conference brings together entrepreneurs, educators, thought leaders from all backgrounds and business practices to ask questions, discuss ideas, and solve problems. Questioneers (the question askers) ask thought-provoking questions in eight minute talks, followed by lengthy breaks for interaction among the off-stage presenters (the audience).
Through this What If…? Flow, participants are able to break through typical thought processes and collaborate to produce actionable plans for solving problems pertaining to (and sometimes completely different from) the questions asked on stage.
Check out some past questions here.
By spending a full day of intimate interaction, brainstorming ideas, creating solutions, and learning about innovative practices, What if..? participants are able to take away new skills and processes for problem solving. These can then be used in business, organizations, communications, schools, and in life.
Who attends The What If…? Conference?
What If…? Las Vegas participants will cross every societal, industrial, and demographic silo. Connect with the world’s most innovative educators, most promising students, top entrepreneurs, young professionals, small business owners, and community leaders. Here are some of the spaces from which we will converge:
High school students
Voice actors
Tiny home enthusiasts
Green rush economy
Contemplators of entrepreneurship
Change management professionals
Technology junkies
Angel investors
Venture capitalists
Small business owners
Community leaders,
Young professionals