Jay Del Ray

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About me … hmmm, where to start. Firstly I am a very proud mumma to two beautiful souls. Being a light and positive example to my children, teaching them to be true to themselves, and sovereigns of their own life is one of my priorities. It’s not difficult. I just got to BE what I teach.
I married my true love/soul mate/best friend in 2012, whom I met just prior to being diagnosed with breast cancer. I am dedicated to understanding LOVE and human RELATIONSHIPS, so much so that I created a Facebook page around the subject ~ Sacred Relationships ~ it has been through my relationships that I have found ME.
Having had breast cancer and losing the kid’s dad to a surfing accident in 2012, you could say this sent my life on a massive trajectory. I chose to have both breasts removed without chemotherapy or radiation. I decided to do my OWN research and found better options for me other than those provided by the medical establishment. This has sent me down the rabbit hole of natural therapies that are indeed healing people with terminal and other diseases. I chose Gerson Therapy to get me through the first part of cancer, an incredible detox protocol. It is of course an ongoing journey to maintain ones health, even if you deem yourself HEALTHY, as I once did, it’s a bit like the iceberg, you never quite know what lies beneath. I am an advocate of prevention! So finding a BALANCE of the Spirit, Body and Mind is my daily work.
The state of our planet and its inhabitants affects me deeply. I call myself a Sacred Activist … solution based. My husband and I like to connect with fellow beings to support organisations doing GREAT WORK out there. We are doing our small bit to help heal and protect our land, our water and its people. You can follow our ‘laid back’ movement on Facebook @Way4Ward … it’s our little contribution for spreading love, healing and solutions to our mother earth, who is in great need of repair.
I am passionate about many things in this life and writing is my chosen creative outlet. I am currently writing a book which I hope to have published by mid 2015! This book has been inside me for years and it really is time for its birth! This is my current focus and I am loving the process of witnessing it finally unfold.
In LoVe
Jay x