Brahm Olszynko

Brahm Olszynko
My name is Brahm Olszynko, currently studying yoga in Thailand. I am a family massage therapist since 2000 and became a 500 hour certified Hatha Yoga Teacher in 2012.
I created a bedtime story for my nephew Jaxon called, How I Bring Each Part To Sleep. It is a wonderful insight into Shavasana the final relaxation, or posture of yoga. This bedtime story is a great body-scanning technique and is an amazing tool for children’s sleep development and future spiritual practices.
Once I created this book for Jaxon, I knew it was for all of our children, and thus, began.
How I Bring Each Part To Sleep is now available on (Yay!), so I am reaching out to every one that seems to resonate with positivity for children. This book could be categorized as spiritual development for ages 3 – 9+ or child’s sleep development.
Would you please share my Facebook page, with those in your network that have children and are looking for positive tools to help 🙂
Thank you and have a wonderful day.
Brahm Olszynko