Doug Talley

Doug Talley
Doug Talley is a success driven individual within the career of Health care. He currently works for Kaiser Permanente as a Senior Technician Application Coordinator (specializing in Electronic Medical Records)
However, not only do he succeed in this field, he is also a very well experienced DJ in the fields of weddings, karaoke, and corporate events.
“My love for music has been a part of me from day one. I’ve been in the music industry as a song writer/lyricist for several years with projects such as contract deals with labels such as Global Records out of Florida, to writing music for Ron Yarbrough from Yarbrough & Peoples.”
Throughout his life, Doug has been known as a business man. He also currently promotes and distributes an amazing skin care and nutrition products with a company called Jeunesse Global. These products have produced so many amazing results, that the products are on their way to be a household name….. Whenever you have the time, please checkout his website. Doug’s page takes you to Jeunesse’s main product called “Instantly Ageless.” This product speaks for itself.
To sum it up, Doug is a very devoted individual (father first), and  looks at life as a way to make an impression. He loves to help others, provide great entertainment, and give his surroundings the best that he has to offer.