Ethan Rotman

Ethan Rotman
The ability to communicate successfully is a powerful tool that affects our work and personal life. While we all know how to talk, today’s speaker will help us communicate more effectively regardless of the size of our audience.
Presenter and Trainer

  • Provided presentation skills training for more than 25 years
  • Current clients include business owners, sales staff, non-profits and scientists
  • Is a regular contributor to a National speaker’s journal
  • Offers the Speaker’s Academy – a 5 part workshop that helps people improve their success through speaking
  • Trains business owners to give effective informercials and elevator pitches

Clients Include

  • Metropolitan Transportation Commission
  • Republic of Tea
  • Novato Chamber of Commerce
  • Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
  • Tara Firma Farms

Believes a good speaker

  • Feels confident
  • Looks credible
  • Inspires people to take new action
  • Increases their business

Personal stuff

  • Has founded 5 non-profits
  • Novato resident living on 130-acre wildlife reserve on the edge of bay in with his wife and 2 children, dog and several chickens
  • He loves cooking, gardening, being outdoors, and to BBQ
  • He is a long distance runner who used to run with his teenagers, can’t even eat their dust as it has settled on the trail before he can even get there

Goal of this presentation

  • Help us deliver effective messages that are short and concise

Ethan Rotman
Speaking Coach and Trainer
926A Diablo Ave #511
Novato, CA. 94947