Jay Yerkes

Jay Yerkes
Jay was born & raised in Vacaville by two lifelong local public school teachers.
After graduating as Vanden’s valedictorian in 1989, Jay went to UCLA, was honored to be awarded the Men’s Most Valuable Skier on the UCLA Waterski Team, and got a Bachelors in Classical Civilization. He went immediately on to get a Masters Degree in Business Administration, and his CA Real Estate Broker’s license and Notary Public license, both of which he still holds today.
His first and only job straight out of business school has been as a self-employed independent financial advisor. For the past 18 years, Jay has managed millions of dollars and helped hundreds of families with their retirement, college funding, estate planning, and tax savings goals. In 1998, Jay moved back to hometown Vacaville and married Wendy Nichols, now an independent study teacher for the VUSD. Jay became very involved in the community, serving as the Chief Ambassador for the Vacaville Chamber of Commerce and as a founding member of the Vacaville Public Education Foundation and the Measure V Citizens Oversight Committee.
In 2003, Jay saw an opportunity and ran successfully for the Vacaville School Board. Jay was reelected in 2007. During his 8 years in office, which ended December, 2011, Jay served as Board President for 2 years, Vice President for 2 years, and Clerk for 2 years.
2010 saw the birth of Jay and Wendy’s daughter, EllieAnn, which as Jay jokes, guaranteed him at least 18 more years of work, or 26 years now with Obamacare.
In 2012, Jay won in his bid for Vacaville City Treasurer, a 4-year term.
Someday he’d love to be on the City Council and the Solano County Board of Supervisors. Jay volunteers as the Vice President of the Solano Community College Educational Foundation.
Jay’s website: JayYerkes.com       Jay’s Facebook: Jay.Yerkes.5 Jay’s       Twitter name: Yerkes Works