Who Am I and What Is My Purpose? Questions Of A Leader Trying To Find Him/Herself

Originally published on Linkedin on February 6, 2015 By Dr. Mario Barrett, PHD
Who Am I and What Is My Purpose Questions Of A Leader Trying To Find HimHerself
Born of the human race, but I don’t quite fit in just yet.
I don’t seem to belong, don’t have a place where I feel comfortable.
Will I ever?
I often question, my purpose on this earth.
How do I fit into the grand scheme of things?
Do you feel the same as I do?
I often ask questions such as: What purpose will my life serve?
How will I know that this purpose is what my life is supposed to serve?
Who, if anyone will my life touch for the greater good?
I get so scared sometimes, thinking to myself, will I ever discover my true purpose?
Will my life be fulfilled?
Isn’t there an easier path to finding oneself and answering these questions?
I guess not, because no one seems able to show me the way or provide me with the answers that can propel me forward.
Or could it be, that no one wants to show me the way?
Nah, that couldn’t be.
Worse, are we all confused, as it relates to who we are and our purpose?
Well, no matter what, I have to make something of my life.
I have to achieve some semblance of personal satisfaction, after all, I wont be on earth forever.
I have to make this world better than the one I inherited.
However, I am not sure how to do that as yet.
I guess, I will just have to try by trail and error.
Hopefully, in the process, I will find my voice, my calling, my purpose, my soul, and my identity.
Are you willing to join me in this journey?
Are you willing to venture into uncharted territory of self-discovery?
Are you willing to test yourself mentally and physically to see what you are made of, what you can endure, what you can overcome, and what you can achieve?
I am not comfortable not knowing who I am and my purpose. What about you?
Don’t fret if you don’t quite know where your life is going, or why you are here. All leaders, just as those pictured above go through this process. Just remain on the journey towards self-discovery and the answers to your questions will be revealed to you. True leadership is rarely sought out by those we call heroes, but the journey and self-inquiry along the way prepared them to take the reins when they were called upon.