Bill Lee presents LegalShield

Bill Lee
My name is Bill Lee. I was born and raised in Northern California where I played many sports since I was a kid, such as, baseball, wrestling, karate, swimming, cross-country, and rugby. I worked as a Machine Operator for the Navy Mare Island Shipyard for three years. When I got laid-off, I decided to go into healthcare. I put myself through college and became a Healthcare Tech and bought my first house in Fairfield. Then I went back to college to become an RN.
I worked at several hospitals and had three jobs at the time. My wife decided when our son was born to look for a home-based business so she could stay home and watch our child grow up. I always believed I had entrepreneurship in me, and eventually wanted to work for myself. I am a very passionate person, especially about helping and supporting the Sunshine Kids, a foundation that helps cancer kids have a better life.
When we learned about LegalShield, we found the services beneficial to us, such as saving us money on insurance issues, purchasing vehicles, and identity theft issues, and wills or trusts in place which gives us peace of mind. We then decided to become Independent Associates to help protect other families, as well. We got excited for the future, and glad we took a big step of being independent business owners. With leadership skills, I help inspire people to have a better lifestyle. And having a mentality of not quitting from being in sports since my childhood and having finished nursing school, I never quit whatever I started.
We have traveled to different countries to learn different ways of life. We’ve been to London, Paris, Mexico, and Canada, and would love to travel to other countries in the future. My wife Nadine and I live in the Solano County area and are raising our thirteen year old while working from home.
LegalShield began over 42 years ago out of a need and not greed. Our company has over 1.4 million paying members monthly. Every year there are over two million calls for legal services. LegalShield has lawyers specializing in 26 areas of law in 49 states of the United States and 4 provinces in Canada. We also have a new app for your phone where you can just press a button and it dials straight to your law firm even after hours for emergencies. LegalShield partnered up with a company called Kroll which the world’s leading risk consultant for Fortune 500 clients in 26 different countries. Identity theft is a cancer which can wreck lives. It is not just financial; it is also medical, social security fraud, too. I am sure you heard of the movie, Identity Theft with Jason Bateman. It was a comedy but the realities is enormous. Every ten seconds in the world, someone is hit with identity breach. In February, Anthem, the second largest HMO had a breach that estimated over 81 million patients were hit: name, addresses, and birthdays. What’s scary is once you are hit with identity theft, you will have a higher chance of getting hit again. The difference from us and the competitors with Identity Theft Protection is that we restore your back name back the way it was before your identity was compromised.
LegalShield offers a high-quality, cost effective legal protection and identity theft protection service. The cost is less than a bottle of water a day. Doesn’t your family deserve to be protected?
If you would like to reach me, here is my contact info: Bill Lee (707) 372-3535.