Phoenix Gliders is fighting Diabetes Zumba Style

Phoenix Gliders is fighting Diabetes Zumba Style

Phoenix Gliders is Fighting Diabetes Zumba Style

Phoenix Gliders is a 501©3 non-profit organization that is a year around program that consists of rigorous training for youth for track and field competition. Other services include training both adult and youth that are either athletes or non-athletes to get in shape, train and condition for other sports, provide instructions about eating and living a healthy lifestyle.

We don’t just get people in shape but promote better eating habits, leadership skills, provide community service and resources to achieve their highest potential in the classroom for college readiness. My webpage is

We are putting on a fundraiser to raise awareness of Diabetes and the effects on our society and the younger generation along with America Diabetes Association, AT&T, and Sutter hospital.

The event will occur one month before open enrollment date on September 12, 2015. The event will consist of several components. The main objective is to set the Guinness Book of Records for the most kids participating in Zumba.

The previous record was set in New Jersey which was 2,200 kids. Children will participate in Zumba for 1 ½ hour. Not only will they have fun but they are learning to get out and exercise and the importance of movement.

Another component we are hoping to break the record for the most give away of bicycles from ages 6-17 (7000). This will give the youth incentive to continue exercising. The event will host various vendors and we are working towards also have a mini concert for all those in attendance.

The event will take place at Solano Community College parking lots where we expect over 15,000 to participate. We will have screening by the Black Nurses Association and we will give away back packs with supplies for the starting back to school. Getting juniors of the high schools to compete in a health food contest, first place may receive first place Disney trip in Southern California

Darius Strickland
Phoenix Gliders Education and Track & Field