11 Major Social Media Changes That Have Happened In 2015

Originally published on TopDog Social Media on February 26, 2015 by Melonie Dodaro.
11 social media changes
Do you find it difficult to keep up with all the latest social media changes?
You’re not alone – and for a good reason. Social media is constantly changing and these past few months have seen some massive developments, a few of which may require you to adjust your overall strategy.
Facebook photo posts are at an all-time low for organic reach but do you know what’s getting more action now more than ever? Do you have logos or product placements in your YouTube videos? If so, Google might want a cut of your profits. Recruiters that actively use LinkedIn are going to be affected by the new “commercial search limit” for free accounts PLUS a long standing policy with InMails has drastically changed.
Check out the top 11 major social media changes so far in 2015 in the list below.
1. YouTube Wants A Cut of Your Sponsorship Deals
The details around this are still pretty fuzzy but if you show logos or product placements from sponsors in your YouTube videos, Google is about to ask for their cut. Here’s the official company line from YouTube:
“We allow text-only title cards where there is paid product placement for the purpose of paid product disclosure only. Graphical title cards, including the use of sponsor logos and product branding, are prohibited unless there is a full Google media buyout on the partner content by the sponsor.”
Check out this article from Marketing Land to find out more
2. Facebook “At Work” App Launches
Mark Zuckerberg recently clarified his vision for apps in the Facebook world and he’s looking forward to the day when there’s a Facebook app to address every part of your life. The next incarnation in this journey is the Facebook At Work app, a work-friendly version of the social network catered to keeping business teams connected.
This new version of Facebook allows employees to have profiles completely separate from their personal accounts – so your boss doesn’t have to see your constant stream of selfies in their News Feed, of course.
Learn more about “Facebook At Work” over at the BBC
3. New Features in Facebook Groups Improve Buy & Sell Experience
Facebook groups have become a very popular way to connect special interest groups inside local communities, including groups for buying and selling various goods. This latest change will improve that experience by offering a “sell” option next to your option to post inside a group.
Sellers will also be able to mark posts as “Available” or “Sold” and set a pickup location.
Learn more on the official Facebook blog
4. LinkedIn Introduces Commercial Search Limit
Are you a recruiter or very active social seller that loves LinkedIn? If so, this change will likely affect you.
LinkedIn decided to create a limit to how many times you can use LinkedIn search each month before you hit what they call a commercial limit. They don’t explicitly tell you what the number is but they do offer a solution if it happens to you: LinkedIn Premium.
The odds are that the investment is well worth it if you are actually using LinkedIn enough to hit the commercial limit, plus there are some great features worth checking out that could make the recruiting and social selling process much easier.
Learn more about LinkedIn’s commercial search limit
5. Facebook Photo Posts Now Getting The Lowest Organic Reach
Remember those days when photo posts got the most action in the News Feed? A new report from SocialBakers has revealed that photo posts are getting the lowest reach out of any type of post for Facebook pages.
The data is consistent across big pages as well as small ones but the real interesting trend is how video is getting way more action than normal. Is this a sign of the larger role video will play on social media for 2015? We think so.
6. Unanswered Inmails Are No Longer Credited Back
As of January 15, any Inmails that do not get a response will no longer be credited back to the sender. Alternatively, any Inmails that do receive a response (including ‘not interested’ responses) will receive a credit back if the response happens in 90 days.
You probably aren’t too happy right now if you are a recruiter but I believe this change will be better for the overall experience on LinkedIn.
Learn more about the change to Inmail credits
7. Snapchat Introduces “Discover”
I believe Snapchat’s new feature, Discover, could be a potential game changer. It shows original content from a handful of select major media players in a unique way that transcends any other storytelling experience on social media.
Watch this video to get a sense of what it’s about:

8. LinkedIn’s Home Page Gets a Refresh
Although it hasn’t rolled out to everyone yet, LinkedIn has a new home page with a refreshed look. I’m not crazy about it but the odds are that it will feel like second nature in a week.
9. Twitter Debuts Group Messages & Video
Twitter is really stepping up its game with the addition of two long awaited features: group messaging and video.
Group messaging allows you to have a private message with up to 20 people and the videos can be up to 30 seconds in length. Although I’m not sure why they decided to do it now, I’m glad that they did.
New! Use Direct Messages to speak privately with a group of up to 20 people. Share Tweets, show emoji & be yourself. https://t.co/8giGhC6OO0
— Twitter (@twitter) January 27, 2015
Learn more about Twitter group messaging and video
10. LinkedIn Adds “Your Updates” Page
Have you ever been frustrated trying to keep track of the updates you’ve made on LinkedIn without having to dive into your notifications?
The new “Your Updates” page under Profile is great for keeping track of how others are engaging with your posts, content and comments.
11. LinkedIn Shakes Up Groups, Removing Top Contributors
An official email from LinkedIn has revealed that groups are getting a major shake up to streamline the experience and improve overall participation.
Here are the key changes mentioned:

  • The cover image in forums will be removed to make it easier to read discussions.
  • Managers will now pick just one Manager’s Choice post so it’s easier to focus on what’s important. The post will be pinned at the top of members’ feeds, and you can set a new Manager’s Choice any time.
  • All groups will now automatically filter Job and Promotion posts. Also, when members flag a post as inappropriate, it will be removed more quickly.
  • Top Contributors will be discontinued to encourage more participation from all group members.
  • Settings can now be found behind the gear icon in the upper right. You can also find the group’s latest activity in your Search tab.